The very first book in Poland about Slow Sex

Time, body, mindfulness, awareness and rituals
– the five keystones of Slow Sex

Make sense of your sex and make your sex sensible

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Solve your intimate issues and make your sexual life fulfilling


Change your sexual routine into an adventure of enjoying new ways of making love

About authors

Hanna Rydlewska interviews Marta Niedzwiecka about modern adaptation of an ancient tantric methods and about Slow Sex as a way of life. Hanna is a chief editor of and acclaimed journalist. Marta is first Polish sex coach and psychologist, who introduces her clients into the world of mindful and conscious sexuality. This book completely changes the understanding of body, love and sexuality and initiates personal pursuit of happy and pleasurable life.

Awake the passion in your relationship and learn how to make love as long and as intensively as you need. Slow Sex is also about finding your own peace.


Free yourself from the glut leading to dissatisfaction and from the drive for overstimulation.

„There were so many myths about the body. Despite “body is you”, it’s us. This book brings our bodies back to us. Shows how to enjoy it, how to pause and to delight. Reconnect and understand it. How to feel again that your body is indeed – you. This is a must read.””

Grażyna Plebanek, writer

„This unique book tells how to reclaim sex. Not with Tinder, but with the connection of lovers’ souls. For those being at ease, sensitive and thirsty for sexual salvation, not only for a climax. For where two or three gather together in the name of Slow Sex, there is endless ecstasy and a pleasurable reading.”

Manuela Gretkowska, writer

„A book by Marta Niedzwiecka and Hanna Rydlewska is a wonderful guide helping every couple in need to reignite a sparkle between them and to acquire new skills to dive into their sexuality.”

Andrzej Depko, sexologist

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