Kobiecość nie polaryzuje, lecz akceptuje paradoks: to jest piękne, tamto jest jego przeciwieństwem, ale też jest piękne


What do I deal with?

Sessions for singles and couples

Conventional, conversation based therapy related to emotional, sexual and relationship challenges. May be dealing with your body feeling. May be driving your personal potential. It all being conducted in the sheltered environment, my private office.

Personal Development Workshops

Abroad trips built around intensive workshops, including coaching methodology, mindfulness training and body work. Conducted under clear presence of the Force.

Podcasts “O Zmierzchu”

More: https://niedzwiecka.net/podcasty/

The Book

„Slow sex – set your love free” is the first Polish publication explaining the secrets of tantric sex in easy and absorbable way. The manual to conscious, mindful life in the slow peace.


Under construction…

More about me


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