Hundreds of years ago there were dragomen around the world.





They had been travelling with the caravans, often on diplomatic missions. Their main objective was to connect the West, hungry for silk, spices and exoticism, with the East – yet pretty incomprehensible part of the globe. By translation of orient languages, habits, way of thinking they made mutual recognition and communication possible for the first time.

The West is the culture built upon rationality and science. It places the individual being and its efforts in the center. The East grows around the experience of a community, values the mysticism and meditation, openly explores the sexuality as the source of bliss and self-knowledge.

In my practice I connect two apparent extremes – the worlds of mind and emotions, the rational knowledge and intuitive insights. Acting and receptivity. I translate the wisdom of the East into the language of the West, just in order to allow my customers to find peace and satisfaction in life. In that way it develops any relationship, by teaching of safe proximity and nourishing the erotica. It empowers the sexuality by reconnecting with the body and emotions as well as by rebalancing feminine and masculine elements. I work in classic way, in therapeutic office, but also in unorthodox way – leveraging deeply transforming workshops, being held mainly on beautiful remote islands.

Slow Sex

the idea initiating the spark of the transformation of sexual life, both for a couple and for an individual. It is the adaptation of tantric knowledge performed in modern spirit. It allows not only to gain or to regain rich orgasms, but it leads to permanent change within the domain of sexuality. It broadens the contact with ourselves, wellbeing, creativity and the capability of maintaining of close relationships.

First in Poland certified sex coach – working with sexuality, body, emotions and intimate relations.

As life coach – encouraging creative ones to find their ways of personal development. As psychologist – conducts individual sessions as well as workshops for singles and couples. As speaker and new theory creator – popularizes conscious sexuality – Slow Sex. Between 2010 and 2014 she has been running cooperative project of sexual education Pussy Project / Party. In 2016 the bestseller has been published – “Slow Sex – set your love free”.


Psychologia – Szkoła Wyższa Psychologii Społecznej, Warszawa, Polska

Sex Coaching – Sex Coach University, Institute of Advance Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, USA

Life Coaching – Collegium Civitas, Warszawa, Polska

Filologia polska – Uniwersytet Warszawski, Warszawa, Polska